Wednesday, July 18, 2012

South Hampton Roads Trip, Part V: The Streets of Norfolk (and also western Virginia Beach)

Now on my own, I begin the long, slow journey home on I-264.

Downtown Norfolk is 11 miles away, but I'm leaving the interstate before then.

Funky BGS for Rosemont Road. Westbound I-264 had less Clearview than eastbound.

Getting ready to depart the interstate at VA 190, Witchduck Road.

On the surface again.

US 58 is just to the north of I-264.

The only VA 190 shield I saw, with the banner in the wrong place. Ladies and gentlemen, Virginia Beach!

Beginning down US 58 westbound, Virginia Beach Boulevard.

The diamond says something to the effect of "Right Through Lane Closed".

Approaching VA 403, Newtown Road, which does not go north here. US 58 is its north end, and is in fact the only place where the route is posted.

Beginning south down VA 403. I enter Norfolk city limits at some point.

Going under I-264.

Just past I-264, VA 403 ends at VA 165. But I didn't take pictures of that for some reason.

Beginning west north up VA 165, which now carries the name Kempsville Road, from VA 403.

Passing under I-264 again. VA 165 is blown off by the interstate, I guess due to its proximity to the I-64/264 interchange

Older-looking trailblazer.

Approaching US 58 again.

The 58-165 intersection is close to I-64, so close in fact that you can see signage on the interstate from it.

Stretched Clearview numerals in the shield, and negative contrast at that? Bad, Norfolk! Very bad!

Heading west down US 58 again. It's still called Virginia Beach Boulevard.

Approaching US 13, the expressway-grade Military Highway.

More reassurance shields for US 58.

Well, not here.

But here, yes. This is at Azalea Garden Road, which several miles north becomes VA 192.

Going over a railroad bridge with a blind signal behind it. When the signal is red, I assume the blank section says "RED".

More Clearview numbers.

And a non-cutout interstate shield? *shakes head in disgust*

I'm where I was looking to go. This is the intersection for Ballentine Boulevard, the secret VA 405.

This BP was definitely an Amoco at one point. Also, these were the highest gas prices I saw during the trip.

Beginning down VA 405, which serves Norfolk State University.

Approaching I-264 again. Look, kids, a normal-looking shield!


In my next part of the journey, I get back on the interstate and clinch another route in the process.

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