Monday, July 30, 2012

Road to the Battle of the Vowels, Part 1: The Part Where I Was Driving

For awhile now, I've wanted to take my dad, a longtime Oakland Athletics fan, to an A's game. I, being an Orioles fan, waited until the team was in Baltimore, which happened July 27-29. I call the series the "Battle of the Vowels", since the teams often go by a nickname that's just a vowel (A's, O's). On Saturday, July 28th, we went up to the park. I drove up to Fredericksburg.

I-95 northbound approaching VA 288.

Surprisingly decent Clearview. This is rare for this part of the state. I mean, Clearview is common as can be, but it's usually poorly done.

At the I-95/VA 150/VA 895 interchange.

I-95 is in the process of being paved in southeast Richmond.

Approaching downtown Richmond.

The tiny Exit 75 patch on the leftmost BGS covers an older Exit 11, I-64's old Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike exit number.

Looking east at downtown Richmond. I visited that area today, so more pictures in a future post.

I-64 gets ready to join I-95.

And now it gets ready to leave it again.

The first of many traffic jams encountered. Also, an old Porsche 911 on the exit road. Not the most impressive car seen on this day.

Check out the old Pizza Hut logo!

One of the umpteen Corvettes I saw. Probably none of them were ZR1's, but even a ZR1 wouldn't be the best car of the day. (You'll have to wait until Maryland to see that one.)

Odd VA 54 shield.

This Honda Del Sol had been behind me since Richmond. Finally it got around me.

I'm guessing it has a B16 in it to be able to carry a U-Haul trailer. [/hondageek]

Now on VA 3 in Fredericksburg, although there were no VA 3 shields to be seen.

After lunch, we switched places so I could focus on the camera. (See what I did there?)

Re-entering I-95.

I don't even know what this is.

Up next: more traffic jams!

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