Friday, July 20, 2012

South Hampton Roads Trip, Part 6: Racing the Sunset

As I continue my trip home, I get on I-264 for the final time just past VA 405. The next exit is for Campostella Road, which carries US 460, VA 168, and VA 166.

Approaching downtown, there's this odd BGS which has the exit tab on the wrong side.

Getting near downtown...

...and the tunnel.

I'm none of those things, but I'm keeping right anyway.

Descending into the tunnel again.

Emerging from the tunnel to see a non-cutout I-264 shield.

Much closer to the end of I-64 now. Note that the BGS's for VA 141 westbound are not posted. I, unfortunately, missed them.

VA 239...still not posted. It is posted on the surface, however.

I-264 ends at I-64 and I-664.

In this case, I take I-664 to get home.

Beginning on I-664 and its backwards exit numbers. My exit is coming up soon.

I normally take Exit 13A to get home, but this wasn't a normal trip.

Leaving the interstate, VA 191 and Military Highway are a very short distance away.

Beginning up VA 191, Jolliff Road, northbound. There were no reassurance shields.

Going over I-664.

The BGS in the background has a secondary route shield on it for what was SR 663. Of course, secondary routes in the former Norfolk County haven't been around for decades, predating I-664.

The aforementioned former SR 663, Dock Landing Road.

Passing by Old Jolliff Road.

Nearing VA 191's north end, I looked back to see the only VA 191 reassurance shield.

VA 191 ends at VA 337.

I didn't fare so well with the over-the-shoulder photo this time, but at least you can see the shields.

I braced myself for high water, but it never came.

I think I was in Suffolk again by now. This part of VA 337 was part of US 460 many decades ago.

Through truck restriction for VA 337 in downtown Suffolk.

More single-sign advisory speed curve signs.

In the distance in the last photo, you can see a pair of route shields. In the conclusion of this photo journey, I'll focus on one of those routes.

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