Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Road to the Battle of the Vowels, Part 4: More Capital Beltway

Now on land in Maryland, we see the exit for MD 210 coming up.

Access to MD 414 is also gained from said exit. This is looking southbound.

Dismantled gantry.

A direct exit with MD 414.

The first of several Sponsor A Highway signs I saw on the Beltway.

One type of I-95/495 shield setups seen in Maryland. This was the only one I saw where the 495 shield was on top.

Approaching Exit 7, MD 5.

Translation: roadblock area.

And now approaching MD 337, exit 9.

This was not the only one of these I saw.

Looks like it may fall over at any time, doesn't it?

Exit 11 is Pennsylvania Avenue. Yes, that Pennsylvania Avenue. Well, sort of.

This is the more commonly seen style of shield assembly on the Capital Beltway. I almost missed it.

Oh no! Unsponsored highway! What will we do for money now?!

I find it interesting that MD 4 is signed all four directions here.

At least it's local establishments on the Sponsor A Highway signs. (I think that says "Seat Pleasant" at the bottom.)

Upcoming exits.

More sponsorship.

Approaching Richie-Marlboro Road.

GT-R SIGHTING! Yes, this was the car of the day. Excessively high-powered automotive solutions for comparatively pointless travels.

Now back to our regularly scheduled roadgeeking. Here's the exit for MD 214, Central Avenue.

Insert self-righteous statement here.

"Divide" is somewhat hyperbolic. In other news, I just used the word "hyperbolic".

Oh wait, there's a rumble strip. That'll keep 'em from switching lanes.

Approaching US 50 and the hidden I-595.

Past US 50 is MD 450.

I'm guessing Annapolis Road eventually goes to Annapolis.

Up next, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

All right! We made it a whole entry without a traffic jam! That'll change in our conclusion, though.

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