Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Checking out VA 409, and eventually Richmond

Recently, a new Virginia State Route 409 was discovered in New Kent County east of Providence Forge. I, being off work for a week, went to check it out yesterday.

For some reason I decided to reach I-295 via Hopewell. Here's some construction happening in the Fort Lee area on VA 144.

A dismantled signal on VA 36 in Hopewell.

The last Exit 16 sign I hadn't photographed before this.

It's still stupid.

A pair of lonely US 60 shields on an otherwise blank set of blue signs.

Having left I-295, I'm heading eastbound on US 60, which mentions Chesapeake for some reason. It doesn't go to Chesapeake!

Now in the Toe Ink area of western New Kent County. US 60 has split pretty wide here.

Approaching VA 155 and Providence Forge.

Now past Providence Forge.

Here's VA 409, G.W. King Boulevard. It serves the entrance to the eastern office of the Virginia Forestry Service.

Beginning south on VA 409, which is posted as private.

VA 409 quickly ends at George Dean Drive.

Not wanting to be arrested for trespassing, I turned around. Here you can see how short VA 409 is. It's about the length of VA 162, which is under a quarter mile.

Back at the railroad tracks, just before US 60.

Here's what it looks like approaching VA 409 from the east.

Westbound US 60 has two VA 409 trailblazers.

Back in Providence Forge.

Turning onto VA 155 here. I initially had intended of going straight home at this point.

Next time I'm out this way I'll head north on VA 155 to clinch it.

VA 155 quickly changes streets twice.

Just after this bridge, VA 155 crosses into Charles City County.

Somewhere in Charles City County.

VA 155 ends at VA 5 at the non-incorporated Charles City Courthouse.

The first northbound VA 155 reassurance shield.

Beginning westbound on scenic VA 5. Somewhere along this point I decided to make the 31-mile trip to Richmond.

Here VA 156 has joined with VA 5. I'm not sure whether I was still in Charles City County at this point or whether I'd crossed into Henrico.

The VA 156 split is definitely in Henrico.

VA 5, by itself again, crosses under a railroad.

Now approaching I-295.

The brief 4-lane section ends.

Now crossing I-VA 895.

VA 5 is connected to I-VA 895 by Laburnum Avenue.

Past Laburnum.

The first glimpses of the Richmond skyline from VA 5, which now uses the name Old Osborne Turnpike.

Entering Richmond. VA 5 becomes East Main Street, which it will keep to its end.

More views of downtown.

Old sign with flashing lights.

VA 5 meets US 60, which joins Main Street to the left and becomes Williamsburg Avenue to the right. Since the two are concurrent until VA 5's end, I think VA 5 should be truncated to this intersection.

US 60/VA 5 unisign.

VA 5 ends here, at the corner of Main and 25th Street, and has done so since 2003.

Before 2003, VA 5 turned uphill onto 25th...

...and then left onto Broad Street.

This part of Broad isn't numbered anything anymore.

Welcome to downtown.

It's not posted, but US 250 begins here at US 360.

Heading back uphill now. I was looking to get to VA 353...

...but I made a wrong turn in the MCV maze and ended up on VA 33, Leigh Street. Yes, the US 33 is an error here. I'm going over VA 353 and I-95 at this point.

Let's try this again.

I decided to approach VA 353 from its west end at 7th 8th Street.

Beginning east on VA 353, which runs right next to I-95.

I turned around to drive VA 353 the other way. It begins where the road curves. The bridge at the top of the photo is the aforementioned VA 33.

The lone VA 353 shield.

My initial plan for VA 353 was to clinch it on foot. Not so much.

VA 353 ends at a roundabout. Specifically, that End State Maintenance sign.

Getting back onto I-95 and heading home.

So a trip to see a miniscule state facility route ends up in the big city. That's roadgeeking for you.

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