Saturday, January 12, 2013

Williamsburg 2012, Part V: One More Clinch

I'm back on VA 199, this time heading westbound. Here's a sign with information about lots. That's a lot to read at 55 MPH. (See what I did there?)

Slowing down to 45 MPH, not quite in Williamsburg city limits again.

Jurisdiction change: 14. I enter Williamsburg at the intersection of VA 199, 5, & 31 and park to take pictures of the signage near the intersection. From VA 5, the VA 31 assembly is missing.

Jurisdiction changes: 15 & 16. I walk out into James City County to photograph this sign, then walk back into Williamsburg.

Here's an older-style 7-Eleven logo. It's all white and green, no red. This is the only one like this I've ever seen.

Here's what the directional signage at this intersection is supposed to look like.

Another view of the signage from VA 5 westbound. This time you can see the waypoints sign.

Jurisdiction change: 17. Driving again, on VA 199 in James City County where VA 5 leaves westbound.

Signage for VA 321 on westbound VA 199.


Leaving VA 199 for VA 321.

These signs date back to about 2000 when VA 321 was extended this way. It continues west to SR 613, where Monticello Avenue becomes SR 5000.


Approaching SR 615, Ironbound Road, which has been under construction in this area for three straight years now.

Jurisdiction change: 18. Yes, this SR 615 shield is within Williamsburg city limits.

Consturction to elimitante the backup trarffic.

Jurisdiction change: 19. Ironbound Road enters James City County again.

Here's the south/west end of VA 322, which serves Eastern State Hospital.

Ironbound Road enters Williamsburg here, becoming unnumbered. SR 615 continues northbound as DePue Drive, formerly Longhill Connector Road.

Part of VA 322.

"Eastern State Hospital is an alcohol, firearms, and tobacco-free campus". Well that's no fun.

VA 322 crosses SR 615 again. There used to be a reassurance shield until at least 2010, but it was gone in 2012. VA 322 then ends at Longhill Road, SR 612. I turned left, where it met the north end of SR 615.

Off in the distance is VA 199.

Older-looking trailblazers.

Heading south down SR 615, which marks the VA 322 crossing. There's even a "JCT" sign further out, but I missed it. Here's what it looks like from the other direction.

VA 322 isn't posted from SR 615 southbound.

So the speed limit is 35. Got it.

Jurisdiction change: 20. Entering Williamsburg again. You can see the SR 615 shield clearly within city limits in the background.

I tried to get a closer shot of the SR 615 shield, but I missed it, so you get a nice photo of this Road Closed barrier instead.

Jurisdiction change: 21. Back at VA 321 in James City County again. This sign points out the blatanly obvious.

Jurisdiction change: 22. VA 321 enters Williamsburg.

VA 321's original purpose was to serve as the access road to the College of William & Mary. It was extended to its current length when VA 199 was completed. It leaves Monticello Avenue at the entrance to William & Mary. Monticello continues into a commercial part of Williamsburg.

After heading back into town, I did some shopping, then began the trip home at about 4 PM. We'll see my route home in the final part of this entry.

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  1. "STUFF - USE VA 321"...I like how there was no simple consensus on that.