Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Hampton Roads Bad Signage Trip, Part 7: The Beginning of the End

Picking up from the end of I-564, VA 337 turns from Taussig Boulevard to Hampton Boulevard at the naval base.

Hampton Boulevard has construction. And weird-looking signs.

And there's another 4th generation Prelude. I saw two more on US 460 on the way home.

Here's VA 337 at VA 406. I meant to turn left here to clinch VA 406, but instead you get this nice photo of a trailblazer.

These banners are backwards. VA 337 is posted east-west, although it is traveling southbound here, while a route going left from a southbound route would be heading east. However, VA 165 is posted north-south.

Wait, what?

Another trailblazer. I missed a lot of photos in this area because of signal timing and worrying that I had a tire problem (I didn't), but I stopped at a gas station in the Old Dominion University area to refuel and get a drink.

Eventually, we leave VA 337 to join US 58 (and unsigned VA 337A) in the Midtown Tunnel. Go watch it, it's the last video of the trip, I promise.

Back on VA 164, heading westbound.

Bad signage at the APM Terminals Boulevard exit.

That's more like it.

Seems like a waste of a gantry for such a small green sign.

The last three exits on VA 164, unless you count US 17 as an exit.

Back on I-664, heading southbound this time. The Norfolk County secondary route numbers are present this direction, too.

Going past Chesapeake's big ol' water tower again.

The Hampton Roads Beltway sign is missing.

There's VA 337 again. Taking it the whole way would have taken longer.

Ugly gore sign.

The I-264 sign said 27 minutes. I'm just glad my camera caught at least one of them this time.

We head west on US 13/58/460 back towards Suffolk.

We then got onto the business route, which you'll see in my last entry from this trip.

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