Friday, January 18, 2013

Road Sign Pictures That I Gone And Done, Fall/4th Quarter 2012

Well, it's time for another batch of photos that didn't really fit anywhere in particular, from the last few months of the year.

This first photo was taken on 9/29/12, and is of an error US 36 shield in downtown Petersburg. This is on US 301 northbound and 460 Business westbound. Wythe Street here is eastbound VA 36. It should also not be a three-digit shield.

These next few photos are from 11/3/12, when I was driving US 60 eastbound through Richmond. Here's the intersection of 15th and Main, which carries US 60 and 360. I took these two pictures to illustrate how high off the ground I-95 is here, because it really doesn't seem like it when you're driving it.

25th and Main. VA 5 begins here.

I started seeing these signs east of the 5/60 split.

Now east of the city, I saw this error 3-digit shield for VA 5 approaching Laburnum Avenue.

This VA 156 South reassurance shield is actually on VA 156 northbound. There's also an error in the other direction.

Some random photos from November now. This is VA 10 eastbound at Chesterfield secondary route 827, Allied Road, near Hopewell. 11/4/12.

A few minutes later on the same day, approaching the Meadowville interchange from the east on Meadowville Road.

On my way to work one day, traffic was stopped on I-95, so I got a chance to take a good photo of the famous Miami BGS. 11/15/12.

Traffic from I-85 northbound is supposed to yield here, but often doesn't.

A few days later, on my way to work again, I took a photo of the overheads at the 95/85 split. Yes, my daily work commute takes me by the end of a major interstate.

Some photos from a Thanksgiving trip (11/21/12). Here I'm on I-295's bridge over the James River.

Now on US 60 eastbound in the Toe Ink area of New Kent County. US 60 splits pretty wide here.

VA 106 is shortly afterward.

After VA 106 a few miles east is Providence Forge and VA 155, with this erroneous circle 155 shield.

VA 155 northbound between US 60 and VA 249, its north end.

These last two pictures were taken on 12/28/12, on an old alignment of Chesterfield secondary route 604. The intersection of SR 604 and SR 653 was realigned several years ago, moving north with a new traffic signal. The old alignment is still in use as access to a subdivision. As you can see, the turn lane is still marked.

This old To US 360 unisign was what caught my attention to drive this way in the first place. I was on my way to a nearby junkyard when I saw this on the old alignment.

I'm beginning preparations for my first trip of 2013, so I'll see you soon...

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