Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Williamsburg 2012, Part 3: A Big Circle

Just past VA 5's east end, VA 143 heads northwest and gains higher speed limits.

Jurisdiction change: 3. VA 143 crosses into York County.

Just after entering York County is the north end of VA 132. More from that route later.


VA 143 then ends at I-64 at the entrance to Camp Peary. Decades ago, when this was VA 31 and before the existence of Camp Peary, the road kept going towards the now-extinct town of Magruder.

I-64 has a speed limit of 70 MPH here.

The western VA 199 exit is the first exit westbound from VA 143.

This serves as the west end of VA 199. Unlike this exit, the other interchange VA 199 and I-64 have is not the end of 199; it keeps going for a bit.

Ooh, greenout! I-64 continues west to then have two consecutive exits with VA 30.

I turned around at the first opening on SR 646 to see this Begin 199 shield. I'm assuming there was an End banner above the 646 at some point.

The first VA 199 reassurance shield. VA 199 is the Humelsine Parkway, an expressway. The speed limit here is 60 MPH.

The first exit on VA 199 eastbound is SR 603, Mooretown Road. This was the only section of the trip where the sun was working against me.

Not long after the Mooretown exit is signage for US 60.

Jurisdiction change: 4. VA 199 enters James City County, crossing over...wait, Mooretown Road?

Passing over US 60.

Signage for the next three exits. Oddly, only VA 5 has a shield on this sign. Longhill Road is SR 612, and Monticello Avenue is VA 321. Maybe it's because they're exits and VA 5 is an intersection.

Approaching the Longhill Road exit.

Eastern State Hospital is home to VA 322.

Not long after Longhill is signage for VA 321.

Between VA 321 and VA 5.

Approaching the VA 5 intersection. VA 199 drops to 45 MPH.

I missed these shields the first time past them.

Jurisdiction changes: 5 & 6. I pass through Williamsburg city limits again and re-enter James City County, although the city limits are just north of the westbound lanes.

The speed limit is back to 55 MPH by this point.

I think this is near the south end of VA 132.

Jurisdiction change: 7. VA 199 approaches US 60 and VA 143, which are separated by railroad tracks, and enters York County again.

After I leave VA 199, VA 143 enters James City County again, the 8th jurisdiction change. I'll pick up there in part 4.

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