Thursday, January 10, 2013

Williamsburg 2012, Part 4: Getting Out And Walking

I'm now on VA 143 westbound, west of VA 199. VA 143 was created over a period of several years as a renumbering of VA 168 (yes, that VA 168) as the latter route was moved onto I-64. 168 was massively truncated to its current length in 1980, with VA 249 and VA 30 (now all part of 30) taking over its remnants west of Williamsburg.

That's US 60 right across those railroad tracks.

Big ol' water tower.

Jurisdiction change: 9. VA 143 enters York County again.

I decided to park at a shopping center and take some pictures on foot. I'm at the intersection of VA 143 and VA 162, the shortest "normal" state primary route in Virginia.

I'm giving you an idea just how short the thing really is. Note the destination sign in the background with Williamsburg and the Colonial Parkway.

The west end of the route is at the Williamsburg city limits, between where that gold car and black SUV are in the center turn lane in the background. The destination for the Colonial Parkway is accessed by turning onto Parkway Drive, former VA 163. 163 was decommissioned in 1994, at the same time 162 was truncated to its laughably short current length. I've read that both 162 and 163 were almost exclusively posted with cutouts and/or white-border signs within Williamsburg city limits.

I'm standing at the end of the island at VA 162's east end, where the left turn lane begins. The west end is where the pavement changes. The funniest part is that it's fully signed in both directions!

I then decided to take pictures of the rest of the VA 162 signage. I got some of it in 2011.

Looking through the parking lot of an abandoned Advance Auto Parts store. It had moved across the street to the shopping center where I parked; in fact, I visited it. Second Street in the background may or may not be VA 162 at this point.

Extreme close-up.

Since VA 143 ends at I-64, this distance sign for Richmond makes sense.

The entire intersection.

That's where I stood to take the picture of the "entire" route, between the Jeep and the Divided Highway Ends sign.

Back in the car. Jurisdiction change: 10. VA 143 enters Williamsburg.

Back at the VA 5 intersection. There were no shields from this direction.

I think I like this photo of this signage better than the last attempt.

Jurisdiction change: 11. York County again.

Back at the 143-132 intersection.

US 60 isn't far south of VA 143.

Jurisdiction change: 12. VA 132 enters Williamsburg, becoming Henry Street. I missed the signage for VA 132Y, which is longer than VA 162. Instead, I'm approaching VA 5 again.

VA 5 & 132 go through Central Williamsburg again.

Duke of Gloucester Street, which is now only for pedestrians.

VA 5 leaves VA 132.

VA 132 is sloooooow.

Getting close to the south end of VA 132 now, which is at VA 199 and the Colonial Parkway.

College Landing Park.

VA 132 meets the Colonial Parkway. Sort of.

There it is, down there. My 2011 trip photos have lots of photos from the Parkway, and there are a few from this trip in the last part.

And here's VA 199 again, which means I clinched VA 132. The trailblazer points eastbound towards I-64, but I head westbound.

After all, there's another route to be clinched. And more jurisdictional changes to come. Leaving VA 132 for VA 199 makes number 13, and I'll leave it at that until the next part.

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