Friday, January 4, 2013

Williamsburg 2012, Part 1: I Get Surprised By New Construction

For several years now, I've made an annual trip to Williamsburg. While I took photos in years past, it wasn't until 2010 that I really started taking photos and checking out the state routes there. My 2010 trip was cut short, but in 2011 I clinched a few routes and got plenty of pictures. (You can see the 2011 trip on my old blog.) This time, I wanted to finish clinching the routes there so in future years I can think about other things while I'm there. As usual, I wanted to go into Williamsburg via VA 5, but then stay on it until it ends at VA 143, then clinch VA 199, 132, and 322. To get to VA 5, I went through Hopewell via VA 144.

Wait, what's this? Approaching VA 144's south end, there's a new BGS for VA 36. I'd seen some new signage in the area recently, but I don't remember this.

The southbound lanes of VA 144 have been reconfigured to meet VA 36 further southwest. This was an exit ramp from VA 144 southbound to VA 36 westbound before. The old southbound lanes have been destroyed. (The northbound lanes are still the same.)

Now on eastbound VA 36 at northbound VA 144 (to the left). Sisisky Boulevard is only to the right, entering Fort Lee. VA 144 is called Temple Avenue.

Entering Hopewell, there's a Clearview city limit sign.

Going under I-295, there's this trailblazer with an odd-looking arrow.

From VA 36, I go to VA 156 (or is it 156 Business? Both Prince George and Hopewell post mainline 156), which then joins VA 10. VA 106 then joins them, and 106 and 156 then leave VA 10 further east. Got all that? Good, because there were a lot of big trucks on 106/156 and if I had to explain it again we might get run over by one.

Approaching the Benjamin Harrison Memorial Bridge over the James River.

Now in Charles City County. VA 5 is just ahead, about a mile past the bridge.

What? It's over already? Yes, unfortunately. There are many more pictures to come from this trip, but I grouped all the VA 5 photos together, so you'll have to wait until next time to see it.

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