Friday, December 21, 2012

The Hampton Roads Bad Signage Trip, Part 3: Heading Norf In Suffolk

(Patiently waiting for the groaning and booing to stop after that terrible, terrible pun in the title...)

OK, we resume heading northeast on VA 337, the Nansemond Parkway.

A dune buggy.

Going under the US 13/58/460 bypass.

Looks like some construction. Also, through trucks are prohibited from using VA 337.

I actually like this design. One of the few things about Suffolk signage I think looks good.

No, seriously, truck trarffic is elimitanted from VA 337.

Passing VA 125. VA 337 turns due east past here.

Not far from VA 125 is Shoulders Hill Road, former secondary route 626.

That's not Shoulders Hill. They're rebuilding the intersection.

I've never seen barriers on a two-lane road at a railroad crossing.

Shoulders Hill Road is very residential.

And then there's this.

The brief 4-lane section of Shoulders Hill Road ends.

Shoulders Hill Road ends at US 17. We turn east, posted as US 17 southbound, towards our next destination.

US 17 meets the west end of VA 164.

That's a "Begin" shield all the way on the right of the gantry. The corresponding post on northbound US 17 has an "end" shield despite it being past the end of VA 164.

Crooked banners.

Miss VA 164 the first time because you were in the left lane? Don't worry, you can try again.

Just past VA 164 is I-664.

Looks like a bridge-mounted BGS was once there.

Not long after I-664 is VA 135, College Drive.

We pass it and have lunch, then turn around and approach it from the other direction.

The VA 135 shield hides in the bushes.

VA 135, VA 164, I-664, and US 17 are all very close to each other.

Of all the bad signs in Hampton Roads, this is the worst I've ever seen.

This was less than a mile past VA 164.

Suffolk unisigns look particularly bad on VA 135.

At 50 MPH, VA 135 might actually be a bit overposted, as much as I complained about The World's Most Depressing Stretch of US 460 in Part 1 being the same speed limit. We just never really got moving with all the traffic.

Crossing over I-664.

After reaching the north end of VA 135, we turn around. I didn't check out VA 367.

This looks even uglier than the northbound one!

Crossing over VA 164 again.

And back to US 17 northbound.

And under I-664.

And back to VA 164 yet again.

But not onto it yet. You'll see that next entry.

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