Monday, December 24, 2012

The Hampton Roads Bad Signage Trip, Part 4: 64s Wild

Upon returning to VA 164 (Western Freeway), we finally get on it from the beginning. I made a video but it needs editing.

I-664 is just east of VA 164's west end.

The left lane ends.

VA 164's signage styling is very diverse.

I really like this photo.

Running two cameras at the same time.

The median of VA 164 has a railroad.

I almost missed this one. This trip was the first time I used my Canon while driving.

Holding pond. Or something.

Approaching APM Terminals Boulevard.

And the facility it serves.


We approach the Elizabeth River bridge, the first part of VA 164 to be completed in the late 1970s.

After the bridge is the Pinners Point Interchange with US 58, the last section of VA 164 to be completed in 2005.

All the inspection signage is for the Midtown Tunnel, which we'll cover later.

One of two end shields for VA 164. I missed the other one, but Elric got it.

Not long past VA 164 on US 58 is VA 141.

Odd font here.

VA 141 turns from London Boulevard to Effingham Street.

From Effingham I got on I-264 eastbound, making a video from there through the Downtown Tunnel and all of I-464.

I resume photography on I-64 Inner, now using the Canon permanently to save the smaller Sony memory card for more videos. Here's the drawbridge over the Elizabeth River.

This was the second 3rd generation Acura TL Type-S we saw in about a 15 minute span. The other was on VA 141.

I-64 comes close to its east end (despite that we're heading westbound on it). The previous version of the BGS for "Petersburg via US 460" was larger, probably from the pre-I-664 days. It had greenout below Petersburg that I believe covered Richmond.

This sign exists on both sides of the roadway.

I-64 ends at its children, I-264 and I-664.

I'll pick up with I-664 in the next segment.

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