Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Hampton Roads Bad Signage Trip, Part 2: Why No, There Is No Cutout Here Anymore, But Would You Like An RC Cola?

After a short break, we head northbound on US 258 toward Franklin.

US 258 joins its parent on the Franklin Bypass. As I stated in Part 1, the mainline is now posted as US 258 Truck. Note that there aren't any regulatory signs to actually elimitante the truck trarffic from Franklin.

There's a paper mill somewhere.

Heading into Franklin.

We headed into town to look for a TO US 58 cutout shield that survived long enough to be on GMSV.

This 1990s vintage RC Cola machine, however, still survives.

A closer look at...a trash can.

Defeated, we turn around and head back towards US 58.

And past it.

VA 189 is apparently a place.


We return to VA 189, where I begin a video. (Go on, watch it!) I also took a few pictures at the same time. Here it is near its west south end.

Passing by SR 690.

VA 272 is even bumpier.

Back in Suffolk. Here US 58 Business goes under a railroad, complete with pedestrian tunnels.

Approaching VA 337's west end.

US 460 Business also joins US 13 and US 58 Business straight ahead here.

Continuing on towards US 13/58/460.

Or are we? Stay tuned to see where we head in part 3.

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