Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 Hampton Roads Meet, Part V: Crossing the Jordan

Leaving the US 17 construction sites, we headed north on I-464.

Our next exit was VA 337.

Getting off on VA 337, the Jordan Bridge is right there. It provides some spectacular photos.

At the other end of the Jordan Bridge, we're greeted with the east end of VA 239.

We continue west on 337, towards the next construction site.

This is where a new exit will be, for the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway extension, which will be VA 164, and I-264.

Old school buses in Portsmouth.

We then headed towards VA 337A again, via US 17.

Here's the construction that stopped me from clinching 337A earlier.


Heading onto the MLK Freeway.

Bad exit sign on the left, good one on the right.

I wonder how many of those containers contains a Nissan Skyline.

In the now-tolled Midtown Tunnel. It was about here that my boss texted me to ask if I could come into work. Not exactly close by...

Emerging from the tunnel in Norfolk.

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