Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 Hampton Roads Meet, Part 4: More US 17 Construction

Back on VA 165, crossing US 17.

We pulled into a shopping center to take some photos. A few of us went to the grocery store in the shopping center to get some drinks.

This should be turned in the other direction. The barrier is facing the closed part of the road.

Cranes. So many cranes in Hampton Roads.

Back on the road, going over the drawbridge again.

Turning away from US 17's old alignment onto the detour. VA 166 begins here.

The next stop was the future interchange with VA 166 and Dominion Lakes Boulevard. We parked in the Dominion Lakes subdivision.

Heading to the next site, the VA 190 interchange, which will be complicated.

This little subdivision's access road will have to be reconfigured when the interchange comes into existence. There's also the matter of the nearby 17/64/168/464 mess just to the north.

More construction.

Looking out at the intersection.

The access road's most likely solution is tying into the traffic signal and 7-Eleven somehow. And look in the lower half of the picture at that says Wacker on it. Get it? Lower Wacker?...yeah, Alanland isn't funny anymore.

Looks like there used to be an I-464 shield on that assembly.

We then took off on the road again, heading towards some different sites, which we'll see in part 5.

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