Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 Hampton Roads Meet, Part 2: Temporary Clinching

I headed east (signed northbound)on US 258 and VA 32 between Benns Church and Carrollton, heading towards US 17.

US 17 had more traffic than the roads that preceded it on my journey.

At least until I got to the bridge over the Elizabeth Nansemond River.

From US 17 I got onto one of my favorite roads, VA 164. There's some construction going on near its current east end. It was on the meet itinerary, so I didn't get many pictures of it.

Some terminals. I'm now in Portsmouth.

VA 164 currently ends at this interchange with US 58. Once the Martin Luther King Freeway expansion project is complete, it will be extended to I-264.

After the MLK Freeway ends, there's a detour for VA 141, whose exit was part of the construction. My original plan was to take VA 337 Alternate (hereafter abbreviated to 337A), which is also in the area, but it was closed south of US 17, so I had to take a detour.

Old shields, including a state-name I-264.

Back on 337A. I didn't officially clinch it until later.

After a couple wrong turns at the end of 337A, I ended up back on US 17, heading in the right direction. Here I'm passing VA 239.

Up next was a route I could actually clinch without any hassles, VA 196.

Oops. This was about the only thing noteworthy on the route.

VA 196 is short, ending at US 13/460, Military Highway. This is the original bypass route of south Hampton Roads, dating back to World War II.

US 13 uses the Gilmerton Bridge over the Elizabeth River. The Gilmerton is a drawbridge that's being reworked, seeing closures overnight during the week. It's still my favorite Elizabeth River crossing in this section of Hampton Roads.

After crossing the Gilmerton, I continued on Military Highway to I-464, then I-64 to the Greenbrier Parkway exit, off which the meet was located. I met the other attendees and had lunch in an excellent restaurant called Kelly's Tavern. I'll pick up with the meet tour in part 3.


  1. What you list as the "Elizabeth River" is actually something different. If it was the first bridge, it was Chuckatuck Creek. If it was the second bridge, it was the Nansemond River.

  2. It was the second bridge. Thanks, got it fixed.