Sunday, April 20, 2014

2014 Hampton Roads Meet, Part 7: Across The Tunnel And Back

We decided to cross the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel and go into Hampton briefly. Here we're getting off I-64 onto VA 169.

From VA 169 we took VA 143 down to Fort Monroe. The clouds and wind had both increased here.

Looking back at the Chamberlin hotel. We parked here thinking it may have been the northern ferry landing from Norfolk, but it turns out that it wasn't.


We then moved to the other side of the hotel, where the ferry landing actually is.

The Chamberlin.

Official Fort Monroe port-a-potties.

Not so official trash can.

There's another fort out on the water.

Off in the distance is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Leaving. Interesting signals. VA 143 and US 258 both begin here.

Getting back onto I-64.

Another container ship with no Skylines.

Back in Norfolk, on US 60 in Ocean View. Here's some more terrible signage.

I don't remember why I took this picture.

Pretty Lake Avenue probably does not lead to a pretty lake.

Another circle error sign for VA 170.

A somewhat more proper VA 170 shield lurks at the bottom.

Bad shield for US 13 on VA 166. VA 166 follows US 13 to the right of this picture.

This is past where VA 166 leaves Diamond Springs Road. Hooray for Hampton Roads being incompetent at signage.

Starting to head back to the meet spot.

The last photo I took.

After we got back to the meet spot I left while everyone else went out to dinner. I took Greenbrier to Military Highway, and followed that all the way to its end at Bowers Hill. Its speed limit slowly drops from 50 to 45 to 35 to 25. I didn't get any pictures because it mostly happened after sunset. I'd planned on taking another trip this week but I've had car trouble, but I'll be back soon.

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  1. The photo that you're not sure why you took? That's at the Oceanview Ave/Granby St intersection. In other words, US 460's eastern terminus.