Saturday, January 11, 2014

The VA 54 Trip, or Why I Need To Stop Waiting A Month To Post Things

I've been busy, as usual, so I'll just put these 51 photos into one trip. VA 54 is a quiet east-west route in northern Hanover County, running between Montpelier and Hanover Courthouse via Ashland. I had to go to Richmond to get there.

Parham Road is only VA 73 west of I-95.

I got on I-295 and headed west.

The next exit was Woodman Road, which I circled so I can get closer to having taken every exit on I-295.

VA 54's west end is accessed via US 33 westbound.

I found that VA 54's west end has been rebuilt recently.

Beginning down VA 54 eastbound towards Negro Foot, then Ashland.

Entering Ashland.


Heading towards Hanover.

On the left of this triangle is VA 54Y, the shortest state primary route, at 0.03 miles. I parked on a side street and got out on foot.

Back on the road.

Ending this entry with some VDOT silliness.

Coming soon, a combined Hampton Roads Bad Signage and Williamsburg saga.

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