Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The VA 230 Prelude Meet, Part 2

Leaving Warrenton, we see Alwington Boulevard, which sounds like someone mispronoucing Arlington.

Back on the highway.

A new interchange for US 17 is being built.

The south end of VA 28.

US 15/29 bypasses Culpeper.

Insert snide comment about error shields being the work of Satan.

Weird signage for US 522 and VA 3.

US 15 departs US 29.


Culpeper has VA 299 to its south and VA 229 to its north. That must be confusing to out-of-towners.

Between Culpeper and Madison, which are the seats of counties of the same names.

Meeting VA 230, with some derpy shields.

Beginning on VA 230, we see this.

VA 230 is scenic and fun to drive.

That's it for the road photos from this trip. What's that? You want to see some Preludes? Well, here you go.

I resumed driving after the sun set, so no more pictures, but I had a great time.

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