Thursday, October 10, 2013

The VA 230 Prelude Meet, Part 1

Since I didn't drive on Skyline Drive any, I couldn't call it that, but that was the premise. A few of us from across the Mid-Atlantic and east coast met and drove to a campground last Saturday. I stayed for the day while others camped out there.

I left around sunrise. Here's the I-95/VA 150/VA 895 interchange before sunlight fully hits it.

In Richmond.

Getting north of Richmond suburbia.

Every time I see these signs, I think it may be the last time I will, so I photograph them.

The vast nothingness between Richmond and Fredericksburg. yawn

Passing VA 3.

Here's my exit. The meeting point was in Warrenton on US 211.

Trying to get out of Falmouth, a.k.a. Sprawlmouth.

Now away from Fredericksburg suburbia, entering the rural southwestern parts of Stafford County.

Crossing into Fauquier County.

Approaching VA 28.

Not long after VA 28, US 17 meets US 15/29 and follows them to Warrenton.

Old signage in downtown Warrenton.

Coming in part 2: Preludes and mountains!

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