Thursday, October 10, 2013

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Glare, Part 2

Hooray for laptop failure. I'm back.

J. Clyde Morris Boulevard is US 17 north of VA 143 and VA 312 south of it.

Beginning up VA 312.

It isn't a very long route. We're already back at US 60.

Looking back at VA 312 northbound from the Mariner's Museum.

Continuing east on US 60 towards my next route, VA 306.

VA 306 is Harpersville Road between US 60 and VA 143/US 17. Like its sibling route, it isn't very long. They used to be connected to each other via the road behind the Mariner's Museum.

I briefly got out at the 306/143/17 intersection.

Up next is VA 152, Todd's Lane.

Entering Hampton.

From the end of VA 152, I took US 258 to I-64 west...

...back to US 17, heading for Yorktown again, passing various state routes along the way. I also remember seeing a yellow (of course, they're always yellow) Integra Type-R.

Now on Cook Road, SR 704, a faster route between US 17 and Yorktown.

Colonial Parkway!


And now some VA 10.

And finally a messed up shield from Hopewell.

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