Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Richmond Road Meet, Part 4: Racing The Sunset (Again)

The last part of my road meet entries focuses mostly on VA 197, but first we have to get to it.

Exiting off I-95/64 at Exit 78, which takes you to VA 161.

Almost there...

There we go.

When we got to VA 197, we turned right and did a quick U-turn to reach these cutouts.

Our next site wasn't far away.

Three signs of interest are at the Interstate Center. The first is this original (again, 1970s) state-name I-195 unisign, the last of its kind. The numbers are normally easier to see, but I really like the lighting in this photo.

There was a randomly placed chair under the I-95 overpass. Steve ran up and sat in it.

There were also stairs from Laburnum to I-95.

Oh, and there was a white border VA 197 trailblazer. Elric's head was perfectly blocking the sun.

Steve checks out what's atop the stairs.

Richmond unisign.

The other white-border sign.

The signal on the right has only one head. If it's never going to turn yellow or red, why bother with them?

Our last site, further down VA 197. This cutout shield was interesting enough, since it has a misprinted banner and arrow, but then someone hit it with a car.

You can see the damage.

I have to think this sign's days are numbered.

Returning to Short Pump via I-195 and I-64.

The sun sets over Short Pump.

After we returned, 10 of us went to Keagan's Irish Pub, a block away from the Halligan, for dinner, while the others departed. All in all, it was a fantastic day. To those who came, once again, thank you. I had a great time, and I hope you did too. See you soon.

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