Friday, October 26, 2012

He Went To Jarratt

See what I did there?

Last weekend, I got new tires for my car. Every time that happens, I always drive down I-95 to Jarratt and back to break them in. Last year I explored the state routes there, VA 139 and VA 397. This time I just took I-95 in and a brief bit of US 301 back. While on I-95, I made a video. It's long and sans commentary, so you should find some driving music while watching it. Note that the last state-name I-95 shield on the mainline from this section appears just south of Exit 31.

I got off on Exit 20 and headed to US 301, which had been freshly paved. But first, I wanted to finally see the Old Halifax Road historical marker.

Fresh asphalt.

US 301 drops to 2 lanes and becomes I-95's frontage road. It's on video up to SR 645. The planned toll booth is supposed to go on the section of I-95 seen in the video.

SR 645 is home to Exit 24 and absolutely nothing else. The shield on the right is state-named.

This shield is, too.

The US 301 shield is a 2-digit shield. And why does SR 645 have only a left arrow? It keeps going.

Back onto I-95. I saw this odd thing.

I stopped at the Davis Travel Center and took some signage photos there, including a leftover Chevron logo.

This photo was taken from the parking lot, but I took off on foot.

Plain ol' I-95 shield.

And a state-name one.

Back on I-95.

The I-295 split. These BGS's look awful.

Signage in Petersburg.

Hooray for a non-Clearview exit tab for once.

Eastbound Wagner Road is unsigned US 460, which joins I-95 northbound here.

Both of these posted routes are errors. US 460 should be US 460 Business, and VA 109 shield should have TO above it.

This isn't an error, just left over from before US 460 extended onto I-95.

As usual, I don't have much of a conclusive statement. This wasn't as much of a prepared trip as it was taking my camera while breaking in my tires, and it worked out pretty well in that case. I discovered a few odd signs I didn't know existed, so that's a plus. Before the year's out I want to take one more real trip, so we'll see where I end up next time.


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    1. (sorry, I should check my Gmail more often)
      It's a road I drove a lot when I took to college. It runs between Petersburg and Carson, then appears again twice in Sussex County. I noticed there was a historical marker for it about 4 years ago, but never photographed it until this trip.