Monday, October 15, 2012

The 2012 Richmond Road Meet, Part 1: Hitting The Road

If you missed the introduction, you can view it here.

We began the tour by dividing into groups, with four people in four cars. The drivers were Elric, Oscar, Doug, and Mike P. I, Will, and initially Carl rode with Elric, and we were the first to leave. I didn't drive due to spatial issues in my car.

The semi-aptly named Old Brick Road, where the Halligan is located. It's certainly brick, but it's only a year or two old.

From the restaurant we headed westbound on West Broad Street, US 250. It quickly meets VA 271, Pouncey Tract Road.

The first meet site was the recently-opened North Gayton Road extension.

Like the John Rolfe Parkway, North Gayton has flashing yellow arrows.

North Gayton ends at VA 271. The road continuing ahead is Shady Grove Road.

Badly done Clearview.

We then took VA 271 south back to Broad and got on the John Rolfe Parkway, but I made a video instead of taking photos, and said video turned out to be awful. Our next destination was the white-border unisign, since we were already well to the west of the city.

A patched overhead on VA 288 for Chesterfield secondary route 668, Woolridge Road. Will notified the correct authorities that the previously displayed route, 3840, was in fact not Woolridge, but a minor side street nowhere near here.

A rare "Third Right" sign for Commonwealth Centre Parkway, part of the US 360 exit. This is what happens when you have unnumbered exits.

We arrived at the unisign at about 3 PM, the first to arrive by several minutes.

Mike P's rented car was also a Focus hatchback.

Everyone took turns photographing the unisign, while others waited. Here, Shawn is taking a picture of the sign.

The cars.

Shawn and Doug upload photos to Instagram while Carl looks on and Steve jokes about it. Shawn's photo was of Doug uploading a photo.

Doug's still uploading, while Steve is doing something else.

I don't really know what's going on here.

Elric's getting into his car while I take a picture of his front license plate.

From here, we headed back east and into the city. Photos from that will be in the next installment.

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