Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Richmond Road Meet, Part 3: Downtown

Downtown Richmond has some great sites of roadgeek interest. I've never been able to spend a whole day there looking around, but what I have explored has yielded plenty of cool things, so bringing the meet here was a must. Elric, Steve, Will and I took off on foot on our own, while the rest joined us later.

The parking deck I chose was under the James Center, surrounded by Cary, Canal, 10th, and 11th Streets. We parked next to this CR-V with a brilliant stick figure family parody.

The James Center has a bell tower that goes off every half hour.

East Cary Street carries US 60 and VA 147 eastbound here. East of 11th it has cobblestone pavement, but the asphalt here is in sad shape.

The bell tower was going off at this point, 4:28 PM.

Here's the parking garage entrance.

5th gen Prelude sighting on 11th.

The last original (1970s) overhead for the Downtown Expressway has an unfortunately placed signal in front of it.

Walking up Canal Street from the overhead, we see this orange merge ahead sign. with a bit of city skyline behind it.

Looking back towards the VA 195 offramp and mini toll plaza.

Steve waits for traffic to pass before joining the rest of us on the sidewalk.

Original 1970s trailblazers.

The back thereof reveals no date codes.

We crossed 9th Street, which takes US 60 to the Manchester Bridge. No crosswalk here, by the way.

Upon reaching the sidewalk again, we saw this Panamera. It's a base model (only $80,000), so Elric wasn't impressed.

Kanawha Plaza, where we took the meet photo. The sun wasn't nearly as friendly when we did.

Steve unfolds the Send Help sign.

More original trailblazers.

Elric, Steve, and Will get ready to take photos of the same assembly.

Dominion Virginia Power's headquarters.

What's so important about this sign?

Oh, that. Yeah, I-95 isn't signed East here.

The other two signs like that have no directional banner at all for I-95.

The meet photo, taken by Will. Steve also took one, but Will's was uploaded first. Kneeling: Billy, Will, Scott, me. Standing: Oscar, Carl, Elric, H.B., Steve, Chris, Mike T, Doug, Jason, Mike P, Laura. Shawn isn't in it. Can you tell the sun was in our eyes?

Wait, that was really someone's name?

This unisign for US 60 and VA 147 has been used before, with two US shields underneath, supposedly 33 and 60.

Steve goes out into the street to take a picture of the sign...

...so everyone else follows him.

Including me.

Some sculpture.

The bell tower at the James Center was going off again, an hour after the first time.

Since time was running short, we decided to bypass some of the cutouts and head directly to Laburnum. Doug took H.B., Jason, and Billy back to Short Pump since they had reservations.

Leaving downtown, we drove past Sine, where this small sine salad is.

Oh yeah, cobblestones. Between 11th and 14th, Cary is paved with cobblestones.

Heading to Broad on 14th.

From there, we got on I-95, which wasn't quite also I-64 yet.

In the last entry, we'll pick things up after exiting I-95.

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