Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Mecklenburg Saga, Part 3: Heading Back Home

Click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

Yesterday we left off heading onto a US 58 Business route.

Nice job using the One Way arrow as a trailblazer. And also mixing Series C and D. So where are we?

It's Boydton, Mecklenburg's county seat.

Look kids, actual farm work!

Boydton is home to VA 92's east end.

When I got ready to turn onto VA 92 I saw this Esso sign just past it. Had to keep going and photograph it.

A block over from US 58 Business, turning around to go back to VA 92.

Mecklenburg Courthouse, just south of VA 92 and US 58 Business.

Looking at the beginning of VA 92. On the right you have the old Boydton Farm Supply Company, which looks like it sold a whole bunch of different stuff in its heyday.

And on the left you have historic Boyd's Tavern. I'm assuming this is where Boydton got its name.

Beginning up VA 92. The US 58 bypass isn't far away.

Series B on a white rectangle. Now I have seen everything.

The first VA 92 reassurance shield westbound. We're actually heading north-northwest here.

VA 92 was also recently paved.

There are some stables here.

More of VA 92.

Getting closer to Chase City now.

No road trip is complete without seeing a random guy driving an old car.

On the outskirts of Chase City now. The building on the right is a former that was transformed into a warehouse of some sort.

Even older Pepsi sign than normal.

VA gets ready to make the first of three turns in Chase City.

Immediately after the first turn is the second turn.

A block after the second turn is the third. VA 92, VA 47, and VA 49 all switch at this intersection.

Heading towards home now. I'm going down VA 47 southbound, which is actually headed east here.

21 miles? Oh, right, we were heading northwest on VA 92.

VA 47 is more residential than US 58.

Here the pavement looks like it was repaved a few years ago.

At North View, the pavement becomes a little older, maybe 10 years old.

Still smooth, though.

Entering South Hill again.

Um, what?

VA 47 ends. Springfest was over by now.

Heading northbound on US 1, passing VA 138 again.

Going under I-85. (Side note: "Going Under" was the title of the song I was listening to as I typed this.)

Series B on an interstate shield. Now I've seen it all.

Back into the forest.

The northbound lanes follow the terrain more. I guess they're the older ones.

I don't take enough photos of secondary route shields anymore.

I haven't ever taken enough pictures of historical markers.

Going over Shining Creek (and its branch) again.

Crossing VA 46 and its Historic Route 1 sign again.

Passing by Alberta again.

More mixed Series C and D. At least it isn't Series B. I've seen enough of that for awhile.

Passing the Nottoway Restaurant again. It also has a gas station and hotel.

Entering Dinwiddie County.

McKenney again.

Going northbound, the 1-40 intersection has a mini-unisign for some reason.

I missed this on the way down. Dewitt has this unusually large placename sign.

Bridge warnings for US 1's northbound bridge over Stony Creek.

Approaching the bridge, which is down to one narrow lane.

Back on I-85 now, almost home.

So there you go. A long-planned trip finally happened, and it turned out to be worth the wait. Who knows where I'll go next...

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