Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Checking on some projects in Petersburg

During the past week, US 301 has been in the process of being repaved in southern Petersburg. The north end of the paving has been near where I work, so it's had my attention for awhile now. Yesterday I was finally able to get off work at a decent enough time to take some pictures of the work in progress, as well as check on a couple other projects in the city.

Here some workers are setting up cones. This was taken at 7:30 AM that day.

Leaving work, at about 3:10 PM. The outer lanes have been finished in both directions, while the inner lanes are in progress and the center lane hasn't been started.

Getting to the actual work now.

You can see two different levels of pavement grinding here. As stated before, the center lane hasn't been touched yet.

At Wagner Road, approaching the south end of the project.

Now at the south end. The whole project is less than two miles.

Now I'm checking on the VA 109 project again. It looks like it's about finished, and new signs have been posted.

Clearview LGS hiding among the trees.

This sign looks more and more faded every time I see it.

This section of US 460 Business is Winfield Road. It used to be 4 lanes but has now reverted to two, albeit two very wide lanes. It can't be accessed directly from US 301.

Now back on US 301, this time northbound in downtown Petersburg. My manager alerted me to this recently-completed paving project.

It's not as smooth as the one farther south.

This BP station isn't open for general use anymore, but it shows up as an active station on GasBuddy with a "Fleet" subtext.

The new asphalt follows US 301 and VA 36 onto Bollingbrook St.

Gap in the new pavement near the bridge over Lieutenant Run.

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