Saturday, April 21, 2012

Road Sign Pictures That I Gone And Done: February, March, and April 2012 Edition

No road trip for me this weekend, so I instead present to you a few assorted things taken over the past three months.

The first few of these pictures are from VA 35, just past where it leaves US 301. The first photo is from February, and is heading south.

These next two are northbound at the same location and are from March. I was looking for ugly I-95 shields and the area around this interchange is full of them.

This is from a trip to Stony Creek, taken the same day as the previous two photos. As you can see, SR 602 does not exactly go right here.

These next four photos are from one foggy morning in mid-March, when I dropped my car off at the auto shop and walked home. This historical marker is the closest one to my house.

The signal on the right (looking forward) has some LEDs out, not that you can tell with this photo.

Remnants of double yellow lines extending further past where they end now.

Looking down my foggy street.

Also from March, on the way to work one day. A comparison of FHWA Series fonts to Clearview. FHWA wins in my book.

Another Colonial Heights directory sign. This is at the corner of US 1-301 and Dupuy Avenue. A city-installed white unisign used to sit here (similar to the one with the US 144 shield on it). This was during the height of pollen season in late March. I was driving my other car that day.

This reverse-color One Way sign is across the street from where I work in Petersburg.

I took these last two photos today. This one-piece TO I-95 shield hangs westbound on Temple Avenue at the intersection of Conduit Road in Colonial Heights. I-95 is just past here.

Another fat-looking I-95 shield that was installed this week in Colonial Heights. The worst part about these is that, with the extra space, they would look perfectly fine with the state name in them. Unfortunately, Virginia's MUTCD supplement explicitly forbids putting the state name in the shield. Here's hoping that's temporary.

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