Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Camera Test 2/17/12

I have a new camera, a Sony of some sort. My dad gave it to me around my birthday earlier this month. (I can't necessarily say it was for my birthday because we'd discussed it prior to that.) Before embarking on a longer trip without knowing what the thing does, I decided to take a short trip to Carson, first photographing some strange new signs that the city of Colonial Heights put up recently. Or so I thought.

The aforementioned signs have the city logo and other information. There are five scattered across the city, at least from what I've found. I'll cover them in depth in a future entry, but this is the only one I successfully photographed, at the northbound entrance/exit to I-95 at Southpark Boulevard and East Roslyn Road.

A block away is this odd I-95 trailblazer. From here I got onto the interstate.

Next I got off I-95 at Exit 45, where these trailblazers are. The only reason I can think of the I-95 shield being there is that straight ahead is the frontage road.

Between Exit 45 and 41 there are actually three frontage roads. F122 and F124 are semi-continuous, connected by SR 608, Gary's Church Road, while F123 dead-ends. F122 has more interesting things on it, including two hotels and some good vantage points for signage photos.

F122's south end is at the western junction of US 301 and VA 35, near I-95 Exit 41.

Hideous I-95 trailblazer, with what seems to be two different width fonts and definitely some crooked number placement, at the same exit.

Entering Sussex County on US 301, right up on I-95.

These are, I believe, the last two state-name I-95 Virginia shields in the area. Both are at the intersection of US 301 and SR 602, which is Exit 33. These date back to about 1980 when the interstate was completed through here. Before that, US 301 was four lanes, but the southbound lanes of I-95 took the northbound lanes away except near Carson. I'd have hated to have to use 301 around that time...

From here I got back onto I-95 and headed back towards CH, but stopped at the rest area a mile or so away, just inside the Prince George county line.

This is some sort of legislative code for the rest area. Or something.

Nowhere is safe from Linsanity. Nowhere.

The rest area trash cans have the state outline on them.

One of the Pepsi vending machines at the rest area had nothing but Aquafina water. It was $2 a bottle...I'll pass.

Obligatory car photo.

Getting back onto I-95, but only until the next exit.

Getting off the interstate, we see this trailblazer for Frontage Road 292.

The angle of this photo kind of obscures the crookedness of the placement of the numbers on the I-95 shield.

Looking at the intersection of US 301, SR 604 (straight ahead) and SR 623 (where I am). SR 604 runs between here and western Petersburg. It once carried pieces of US 17-1 (US 301's predecessor through here) and VA 141 (this was its east end here).

Now at the intersection of US 301 and Gary's Church Road. Another I-95 shield with a crooked number on it.

Back at Exit 45 are these two I-95 trailblazers.

This I-95 shield is on the bridge entering CH.

Getting off I-95 at Exit 54 (VA 144) is another one of those city-installed signs. Of course my camera would delay the shot until a vehicle was in front of it.

Divided Highway sign on VA 144 at a BP station just east of I-95. From here I went home.

This camera's quite nice, and I will be using it from here on out. Stay tuned for my first "real" trip with it.

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