Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Road Sign Pictures That I Gone And Done (January 2012 Outtakes/Miscellany)

(If you're wondering about why I used such poor grammar in this post's title, well, here you go.

This feature will be the home of the various photos I took during a month that didn't fit in any particular category. In this case, most of them suck.

Here I was on the way to work. This five-way intersection is where US 301 ALT begins in Petersburg, VA. My phone didn't capture the red left arrow very well.

Same deal for these green straight arrows.

Weird unisign for US 460 Business and VA 36 in downtown Petersburg. Aside from the ugliness of the sign itself, this is going from westbound VA 36.

Fake US 460 shield on a mini mart sign. Yes, this was once a 7-Eleven. Still in Petersburg.

Now we're on VA 144 near Fort Lee. These next two photos brought my quest to photograph every VA 36 posting that much closer to reality. Semi-serious.

I'm not sure why they put the EAST banner below the shield.

12-8-8 traffic signal in downtown Hopewell. This is on a permanent flash. So yeah, flashing lights.

Blurry shot of Washington Circle in downtown Hopewell. This traffic circle gives priority to VA 36.

That's it for this entry, but I have something else planned for Valentine's Day.

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