Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eastern Shore Trip, Part 4: Back To The Mainland

Leaving US 13 for US 60.

Getting out to eat dinner, we saw this slightly odd US 60 reassurance shield.

Your inner 12-year-old approves of this road name.

The US 60 shield is hiding behind a pole.

A rare normal shield.

Meeting the east end of VA 170, with a circle shield.

And here's VA 194, with a triangle shield.

And US 460, with the awful Norfolk shields.

After stopping back at Elric's place, I departed down Ocean View to join I-64 and US 60 just before the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel.

On the interstate.

Now on the north side of the tunnel. In my next entry, I'll have more photos from this area.


Mercury Boulevard is very important.

Giant overhead.

Stubby I-64 shield.

Lights coming on.

Stopping for gas in Newport News.

VA 143 is long.

Old BMW.

The last photo that turned out.

I went back to Newport News, so I'll have plenty more photos from there soon.