Monday, May 13, 2013

Eastern Shore Trip, Part 3: #hoonage

Apologies for the delay in posting this part. I got another car last week and have been enjoying driving it. Yes, it's another Prelude. It's a 1997 Type SH, which had an experimental torque vectoring system in the transmission called the Active Torque Transfer System (ATTS for short) that enhances handling. New Acuras with SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) have a variation of the ATTS in their drivetrains.

Crossing into Accomack County, the northern of the two counties of the Eastern Shore, we see VA 181. We'll come back to it later.

Finally reached the northernmost point that I wanted to get to this trip, VA 182 in the town of Painter.

Beginning east on VA 182. As was the case throughout the trip, Elric took many more pictures than I did. I was enjoying the drive.

Approaching the village of Mappsburg, where VA 182 meets secondary route 600. There was a cutout at their intersection until at least 2008, but it's now gone.

VA 182's east end is at the village of Quinby, where it meets SR 605.

Turning around, we both made a video of VA 182 westbound. I took a couple pictures along the way.

Back on US 13, heading southbound now.

We briefly explore VA 181.

VA 181 bumps VA 178 in Belle Haven. We then took VA 178 back to Exmore, which is wicked important.

Crossing US 13.

VA 178 ends at US 13 Business.

A little further south on US 13 Business is the east end of VA 183, which has some old signage in this area.

Outside town, VA 183 becomes a high-speed road with banked curves. I focused on handling the road, while Elric took a bunch of pictures. Here's where VA 183 ends, between Jamesville and Silver Beach.

Heading back down US 13.

Back at VA 184.

And we're back on the CBBT. I made a video but it was too long to fit YouTube's time limit.

One more part once we get back to the mainland.

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