Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Different Mecklenburg Saga, Part 4: Charlotte back to almost Salisbury

Welcome to Charlotte.

The crosswalks near the Hall of Fame are made of checkers.


Hey, what's that over there?

This intersection had 12-8-8 signals. Charlotte uses black fronts and yellow backs on its signals, but the only 12-8-8s I saw were here.

Almost looks like a milepost, doesn't it?

Charlotte's well out of hurricane range, but it still has Evacuation Route signs for, you know, whenever downtown needs to be evacuated for whatever reason.

Rail crossing.

AT&T building with a BellSouth label scar still visible.

Chiquita headquarters is part of NASCAR headquarters. NASCAR doesn't own them; they just lease some floors.

I-277 trailblazer.

Now leaving. We stayed at the Hall of Fame for about two hours. It was only 1 PM at this point.

I-277 and US 74 overlap on the Belk.

Not much of I-277 left once you get on it.

We'll call it a clinch.

Back on I-77, now heading northbound.

And now we're back on I-85.

Enjoy your affordable Swedish crap.

Traffic jam at I-485.

The construction begins again.

Poplar Tent was the funniest road name I saw.

Lane shift.

Somewhere in Cabarrus County.

There's no US 29 signage with NC 152 on I-85 northbound because you meet US 29 before you get there.

I-85 opens up to four lanes northbound.

Back soon for the conclusion.

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