Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Different Mecklenburg Saga, Part 3: Salisbury to Charlotte

Getting into Salisbury now, US 52 prepares to leave I-85.

But US 601 takes its place.

Look at that crooked NC 152 shield.

Dale Earnhardt Boulevard has been NC 3 since shortly after his death. Before that it was NC 136; a sign on I-85 northbound still has that route's number.

US 601 leaves I-85 and joins US 29.

Greenout. US 601 used to continue north with US 29 here.

More construction.

What used to be Speedway Boulevard is now Bruton "I have more money than anyone else in Charlotte" Smith Boulevard. It was changed to kiss his butt honor him when he threatened to move Charlotte Motor Speedway a few years ago.

I-485 is Charlotte's outer beltway. We're getting close now.

Weird speed limit sign.

NC 24 is its longest state route.

Big ol' signal towers.

Coming up is I-77. Statesville Ave/Rd is old US 21.

But first, traffic.

The I-85/77 interchange is a pretty interesting setup.

Directional signs for popular attractions in Uptown Charlotte.

I-277, the inner beltway. It's an interesting little route, as you'll see. It's signed both North/South and Inner/Outer because it does a 3/4 loop around uptown, carrying US 74 and NC 16 (yet another multi-state route) in spots.
Going around from the Brookshire to the Belk now.

In part 4, we finally reach our destination.

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