Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Different Mecklenburg Saga, Part V: Salisbury Back To Virginia

Excuse the delay, I've been very busy lately.

US 52 joins/leaves I-85 here.

Spencer and East Spencer don't show up together here, so no confusing "Spencer E Spencer" sign.

More construction.

Belmont Road, another name of a road that also exists in the Richmond area.

Exit 87 is where US 29, 70, & 52 leave I-85, while I-85 Business, and in the future I-285, begin.

North of I-85 Business, I-85 is the Richard Childress Freeway. Childress is a NASCAR owner who is from the area.

Here's an interesting setup. The North Carolina Vietnam War Veterans Memorial is on I-85 here, and to provide easier access (and save money, I assume), I-85 was built to have all right-side exits to it, so it crosses under itself. The northbound lanes are west of the southbound lanes here.

Back in the Triad area again.

Needs more greenout.

Shields in the lanes. There were nine of these, three for each lane that stays I-85. This was the last of all of them.

Re-entering the Greensboro Urban Loop.

Departing the Urban Loop back to I-85/40.

Now at the other end of the I-85/40 concurrency. I-85 and NC 86 Truck form a wrong-way concurrency here that continues on 85 solo.

Crossing over water.

Back to the Old Dominion.

The most interesting thing I noticed about NC signage? No Clearview. That alone makes me think more highly of it than Virginia's. I'd like to go out of state again soon, but we'll see...

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