Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Danger Zone, Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving. Click here for part 1.

Leaving old VA 44, I headed northbound on US 522 towards VA 313.

Doesn't look much different than old 44, does it? There is one difference: rumble strips in the yellow lines. VA 13 also has them, and when I drifted over into them I freaked out, thinking maybe something had broken in my car.

Here's VA 313 on the left. US 522 crosses the James River into Goochland County just afterward.

VA 313 is only posted with this white rectangle, and another one at US 522's old alignment just behind me.

Beginning westbound down VA 313.

I can't say I've ever seen a speed limit sign used as an advisory sign before.

Grigg Lake.

Coming back eastbound. The view of Goochland County is pretty nice. For security reasons, I don't want to post the internal photos of VA 313.

Yes, this is the intersection of High Road and Low Road.


Now heading southbound on US 522. I normally don't save photos with this much glare, but in this case the rumble strips are very visible.

Passing old VA 44.

Heading toward US 522's south end at US 60.

US 522 ends here.

I headed east a bit on US 60, and stopped at a gas station that has one entrance to US 60...

...and one to VA 13.

I jumped over to VA 13 for a bit so I could show you how close together it and US 60 are at this point.

This is an SR 100x that's just posted as "To US 60" from VA 13 and vice versa, except at the intersection where a white rectangle is present. There's also a VDOT building right here that has some disused white rectangles.

Another reason I wanted to get on VA 13 was to clinch VA 300.

That brief set of double yellow lines in the middle? That's VA 300Y. It's pretty useless.

Back to US 60, heading towards home.

The wonky VA 13 trailblazer has been fixed, but replaced with Clearview.

I'm not going all the way to the beach. This time.

Approaching the county line. SR 675 is in Powhatan, while SR 671 is in Chesterfield.

SR 671 is appropriately named County Line Road.

The first signal in Chesterfield County is SR 652, Old Hundred Road.

Interesting stuff.

Approaching the transition point from SR 652 to VA 76, we see the west end of the Old Hundred Road widening project.

VA 76 begins just past, but not at, the intersection of Old Hundred Road and Brandermill Parkway. It keeps the Old Hundred Road name until SR 754.

Approaching SR 754, which takes the Old Hundred Road name towards US 360.

VA 76 becomes Powhite Parkway, and VA 288 is shortly after.

So, that's it for The Danger Zone. I knocked out a few more routes and one former route that should be restored. See you in December.

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