Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Road Sign Pictures That I Gone And Done, Summer 2012 Edition

Welcome to another batch of photos that didn't have a home elsewhere. First off, I got a new car to replace the wrecked one. It's another Prelude, this time a 1993 S (base model) with a 5-speed.

Remember this sign? It was still there in June, and it's going to be featured in my Richmond meet next month.

These next few pictures are from Stony Creek in July. A controversial new toll booth is planned for that area, and opposition to it is nearly universal.

At least their street blades are cool.

And some trailblazers. What is up with that US 301 shield on the right?

Now onto Richmond, earlier this month. Here are a pair of VA 6 cutouts.

Older rescue squad sign on Horsepen Road looking north from westbound VA 6.

Westbound VA 6 in the Tuckahoe area.

Now I'm on VA 271, still in Henrico County. Here it turns onto itself. Roadgeeking is harder with a stick shift.

Why is there a begin state maintenance sign here? It's all Henrico! Do they maintain the part of VA 271 south of here or something?

Now in Hanover County, still on VA 271.

Back in Henrico County, on the North Gayton Road extension in Short Pump. It's not open yet.

Finally, southbound VA 288 in Powhatan County. This BGS for secondary route 711 (old VA 44) has the text on the road names too close together.

This fall, I'll have more photos from Richmond.


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  2. Welcome to the three pedal club; it wasn't any easier before the advent of autofocus!